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Joyful Generosity

Joyful Generosity During Uncertain Times is Not Only Possible, but Essential

Since the spiritual discipline of giving forms part of Christian discipleship, I make the following bold claim: “Joyful generosity during uncertain times is not only possible but essential.” Generosity can grow at your church. Faithful followers of Jesus can talk about money. Jesus talks about money; we can too. Even during troubling times. I have some ideas on how to start the discussion.

Sharing what God has given us is at the heart of joyful generosity. Generosity is one of those unpredictable movements of the Spirit. When we try to box generosity into a budget it loses all its joy and life. Telling stories helps get stewardship out of the budget box and into our hearts. For instance, how did the oldest member of your congregation learn to give?

The January/February 2022 issue of Canada Lutheran focuses on the gift of giving. Dr. Lori Guenther Reesor is a faith fundraising specialist who talks us through many ways of viewing the act of selfless giving. Her book, Growing a Generous Church: A Year in the Life of Peach Blossom Church (2021) is the only theology book with an illustration of a snowblower! Check out her website at for more information.

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