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What is the Church?

Catching a Glimpse of This Amazing, Global, Spirit-Breathed Community

“What is the Church?” was one of the first questions asked when we gathered with pastors and deacons from across the globe for The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) International Seminar for pastors this March, titled Ministry, Ordination, and Leadership in the Church—Inspiration from the Bible and Lutheran Tradition.

You might think that a bunch of Lutheran pastors and deacons would not have to spend much time asking such a basic question. What are we even doing if we have to stop and ask, “Wait a minute. What IS the Church, anyway?”

“As we learned together, wondered together, as we shared, listened, worshiped and prayed together, we began to catch a glimpse of this amazing, global, Spirit-breathed community, gathered around the gospel and the sacraments, this sacred space where we encounter the risen Christ, this gift of God that we call the Church.”

For the September 2022 issue of Canada Lutheran, pastors Jeremy Langner and Chris Bishopp of Winnipeg dive deep into conversation surrounding the important question of what exactly makes up the church. Discover more by signing up for the online issue.

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