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Developing New Skill Sets and Incorporating New Approaches

When the COVID-19 pandemic impacted congregations’ worship life, pastors quickly discovered power and reach that was in the palm of their hands all along. A number of pastors swiftly adapted to the pandemic-induced pause and propped their smartphones up in the front pew or in front of the pulpit and crudely live-streamed the first affected service to whatever social media platform they could.

“Prior to the pandemic, we knew we needed a stronger online presence, however, it always seemed to be a backburner item because so much time, effort and attention was paid to in-person activities,” explains Rev. Ronnie Smith, pastor at Peace, Pickering, ON.

The October-November 2021 issue of Canada Lutheran focuses on the church and its numerous adaptations over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a focus on the digital/technological side of things. A year of reflection has helped the church grow.

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