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Assembly 2023

Striving to be as Faithful as We Can for Our Loving God

At Assembly 2023, for the second time in our history the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) met with our full communion partner, the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC), using the theme Let there be greening. The assembly was held at the University of Calgary, June 27–July 2.

The first assembly had been held ten years earlier, in Ottawa in 2013. The full communion relationship between the two churches began with the ratification of The Waterloo Declaration in 2001.

The ACC General Synod met at the same time as the ELCIC’s Special Convention, with several joint sessions involving both bodies for worship, fellowship, Bible study, presentations and other discussions—with other matters, such as voting and convention business, being conducted separately.

Read all about the in-person gathering in the July/August issue of Canada Lutheran.

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