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Parenting in a Digital World

Using Electronic Technology in Positive Ways That Reflect Christian Values

For generations parents were able to draw on their experiences and teach their children by example. Social status wasn’t measured in Facebook friends, Instagram followers and “likes.” Group chats only happened on the playground. Now cellphones and computers expose any user to just about anything.

Instead of spending family time at the dinner table connecting, people get fixated on being “somewhere else” online. Parenting involves bringing up children who don’t default to their phones as a primary source of information or communication.

When it comes to education on social media, privacy and consent, we tell teens to be careful about what they post and mayget frustrated if they become too caught up in online profiles. But when their first experiences were ones they had no control over and yet are all over the Internet, how do we then tell them not to do the same with their own shots?

The October – November Issue of Canada Lutheran takes a deep dive into the ever-changing world of technology and the idea of living connected/disconnected. Writer Thomas Friesen interviews many subjects who share their thoughts on the current way of this technologically advanced world.

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