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Our Drug Problem

Putting Human Faces on the Drug Crisis

John Lavergne’s addiction began when his mother Kim was dying of cancer. “I was angry,” John remembers. “I thought the doctors didn’t take her seriously. They just wanted to dope her up and shut her up.”

John was eleven when his mother was diagnosed and sixteen when she died.

John, André, Petra, Ruth and Leslee open up about their own experience, and as twenty-first century prophets, they address the church. Though they come from different perspectives, they agree that the church can do more to help, and the church needs to find new ways to help.

Rev. Nancy Vernon Kelly tells the heartbreaking stories of drug users from across Canada, highlighting the family tales, the heartwrenching agony, and the various roads to recovery in this deep-diving, insightful January-February 2020 feature story.

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