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National Convention Preview

Imagine a Church Which is Missional, Diaconal and Prophetic

On Treaty 4 land, the traditional territory of the Cree, Saulteaux, Nakota, Lakota and Dakota peoples, and the homeland of the Métis people, in Regina, Saskatchewan, at the University of Regina (UR), the 2019 National Convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) will take place July 11–13.

“We are all, whether lay or consecrated or ordained, being invited to consider how best we can participate in God’s mission and together imagine and build a church which is missional, diaconal and prophetic,” writes National Bishop Susan Johnson.

The June Issue of Canada Lutheran tees up the 2019 ELCIC National Convention, Called to Journey Together: The Ministry of Reconciliation, highlighting the many important pieces of information, themes, motions, special guests and speakers/panel discussions.

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