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Liberated by God’s Grace

The 16th Biennial ELCIC National Convention

One-hundred-and forty-nine delegates (80 lay, 59 rostered, 10 youth), as well as special guests, visitors and volunteers gathered in Winnipeg, July 6–8, at the University of Manitoba, for the 16th Biennial National Convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC).

A highlight of the weekend was Friday night’s commemoration service, hosted by St. Gianna Beretta Molla Catholic Church, Winnipeg, with National Bishop Susan Johnson presiding.

“When we acknowledge that we are Liberated by God’s Grace, we give up all fear of our own salvation,” Bishop Johnson preached. “We can no longer live as isolated, self-made people. We have to acknowledge the primary role of God in our lives, in our interconnection with the rest of God’s family, and indeed with creation itself. We cannot just take care of ourselves anymore—we need to act out God’s love and care.”

In this issue, Canada Lutheran editor, Kenn Ward takes a look back upon the many facets of the 16th Biennial ELCIC National Convention. With reports on nearly every speech, election and worship service, the August/September issue of Canada Lutheran will be sure to provide much insight into the inner workings of the Lutheran church.

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