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Facing an Uncertain Future – Faith or Fear?

The Challenge of Sorting out Real From Imagined Threats

Every day we are supersaturated by multimedia sources with alarming, if not downright terrifying, stories: escalating conflicts or threats of war, rising nuclear tension, viral epidemics that threaten to become pandemics, artificial intelligence so advanced that it threatens to make human workers obsolete, predictions of irreversible climate change with global consequences.

“When we become overwhelmed, we need to remember that we are not made whole by our intelligence or our social connectedness or our savvy. We are made whole by grace through faith. Faith trumps fear.”

Rev. Dr. Peter Kuhnert takes a deep dive into the 21st century world of technology, physical and virtual threats, and the harsh realities that children are currently facing. Using reference points from the Bible, faith traditions, and Christian history, Kuhnert examines and provides thoughts on topics stemming from the End Times, to the overwhelming feeling of busyness, to mental wellness and proper self-care.

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