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CLWR at 75

Creating a Healthy and Sustainable World Where People Live in Peace and Equality

Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) is celebrating its 75th anniversary. Since its beginning in 1946, CLWR has focused on people who were uprooted and responded to the needs of displaced people. Thousands of Lutherans have made a mark on this world and on the lives of many.

CLWR focuses on a number of high-priority areas, including improving food security and nutrition through agricultural support, training and infrastructure development; helping small-scale farmers improve their food production and increase their incomes; providing humanitarian assistance and development through emergency relief—including shelters and latrines —following natural disasters; and refugee resettlement.

Based in Winnipeg, CLWR was created in 1946 to help people who had been displaced by the Second World War. Since then, as a sponsorship holder with the Government of Canada, it has helped bring thousands of people from wartorn and impoverished countries to start new lives in Canada. Discover more about CLWR and its history and current work in this July-August 2021 issue of Canada Lutheran.

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