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Christmas 1619: Remembering Rev. Rasmus Jensen

400 Years of Lutheran Worship in Canada

On Christmas Day, 1619, Rev. Rasmus Jensen led worship on the shores of Hudson Bay. Today he is remembered as the first Lutheran minister to serve in North America and also for likely leading the first formal Christian worship services in Western Canada.

“There was not much money among the men, but they gave what they had. Some gave white fox skins, so that the pastor got enough wherewith to line a coat. However, sufficiently long life to wear it was not granted to him.”

In the December 2019 issue of Canada Lutheran, writer Wendy Christensen-Grosfield highlights the vast Jens Munk expedition from Denmark some 400 years ago. Surprisingly, the highly perilous voyage included many Lutheran undertones, as highlighted in the story. 

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