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At 63, Carole McCormick is one of the younger parishioners in her home congregation of Faith, Powell River, B.C. And that’s a problem. As council chair, McCormick finds much of the work at the church – where the majority of members are 75 or older – falls to her because there are few others able to do it. “It’s very difficult to expect 78-year-old people to go and do things like scrape snow off the sidewalk and to make sure somebody is there turning on the heat every Sunday. There’s a lot of that kind of stuff; it’s a challenge.” Although...
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December – Early Legends About Jesus’ Birth and Childhood

Only two gospels, Matthew and Luke, contain stories of Jesus’ birth, infancy and youth. These gospels provide a few narratives about...

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November – Global Mission in the ELCIC

Twice a month, Rev. Andrea Baez gets into the small compact car she learned to drive only four years ago...

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September – Luther’s Legacy

October 31, 2017, marks the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Lutheran Reformation. On All Saints evening (all hallowed...

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July – Liberated by God’s Grace

One-hundred-and forty-nine delegates (80 lay, 59 rostered, 10 youth), as well as special guests, visitors and volunteers gathered in Winnipeg,...

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