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Nurturing Power

Learning to Use Power Positively

Examples of the abuse of power all around us whether in our families, in the workplace, in politics or throughout the world. But in the church, it should be different, right? After all God is our protector, saviour and advocate. It’s easy to accept God’s power. In our prayers and in our music, we routinely refer to the power of God.

 “You get dominating groups in a congregation. Family groups, or people related in other ways, become almost cliquish and use the same kinds of behaviours that are isolating and destructive. The church struggles for volunteers or people who are willing to take leadership roles and then it can get out of hand.”

2017’s second edition of Canada Lutheran features the proper and positive use of power. In looking at numerous examples of power within the workplace, household, church and family, Rosine Gerhardt examines some of the many ways to incorporate God’s powerful work and teachings into the simplest of conversations and daily tasks.

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